Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Greetings, and welcome to the homepage for the Carnival of GRADual Progress. (Many thanks to Honeybee for the name.)

This is intended as a monthly round-up of blog posts by, for, or relevant to PhD students. If you have written a post grumbling about your supervisor, pondering your thesis-related struggles, sharing techniques that have helped you survive grad school or just musing generally about life as an impoverished student, just think of the potential audience of would-be procrastinators who would love to read it!*

Information on how to submit your posts, when and where carnivals will be held, and other relevant details will be given above under separate titles.

I should also mention that this template is just a place holder. So if anyone feels like designing a better one, please get in touch!
* That brief list should in no way be taken as an exhaustive summary of topics this carnival is interested in, of course!

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